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Hidden Ordering Page for Healthcare Professionals

You have reached a hidden page for healthcare professionals to purchase gentle jaw kits at wholesale prices. This page is not for any public orders. The gentle jaw can be dispensed by anyone who treats patients with facial pain such as ENT’s, dentists, dental specialists, neurologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, speech pathologists, myofunctional therapists, etc. A prescription is not required and the gentle jaw is very easy to use. A 6 pack costs $300 ($50 per kit), a 12 pack costs $540 ($45 per kit), a 24 pack costs $960 ($40 per kit), and a 48 pack costs $1,680 ($35 per kit). The "1" pack for $30 is for you to purchase a kit as a sample and free standard shipping is included to customers in the United States. You may purchase one "1" pack per order. Reorders for the 1 pack are not permitted unless a bulk pack is purchased at the same time. The retail price for the gentle jaw kit is $79.99.

$30.00 $79.99
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By clicking, “I agree,” I, the purchaser, agree that I will not resell nor be involved in the reselling of the gentle jaw kits I am about to purchase on any online marketplace including but not limited to,, my own website, etc. Additionally, I agree that I am only allowed to resell the gentle jaw kits I am purchasing to my patients / clients. By clicking “I agree, I also acknowledge that I have read and agree with the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy on this website.

All purchases from this page must be made by a healthcare professional. If we cannot verify you are a healthcare professional we reserve the right to cancel the transaction and provide you with a full refund.