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Invented by Dr. Rich Hirschinger, a Board-certified orofacial pain specialist, the gentle jaw® is an easy-to-use, non-invasive passive stretching device for acute and chronic jaw and TMJ pain, and headaches. No drugs, no prescriptions, no exams required. Simply use the device for 30 seconds several times a day to give your jaw a comfortable stretch and see results in as little as a few days.

Try it today*. All you have to lose is pain. *30-days risk free. See FAQ for details. 


The gentle jaw is a small device designed to passively stretch your jaw closing muscles, which are the muscles people use to chew, clench, grind, etc. These muscles get tired, sore, and tight from those activities so they are often the source of jaw and TMJ pain as well as headaches. No pills, drills, or fittings required. You don’t even need a doctor’s note.


Pain relief with just 30 seconds of use several times a day. The gentle jaw makes jaw stretching easy!


The best treatment for chronic muscle pain is regular stretching. The gentle jaw will keep your pain away if used daily as prescribed. It is made from a medical grade nylon that will not wear out so you’ll only need to buy it once unless want a second device to have at work and at home!


Made from medical-grade nylon derived from a natural and sustainable source, the gentle jaw is manufactured and packaged in California in a certified clean room. It can be used right out of the box and will never wear out when used as instructed.


The gentle jaw, which was initially conceived in August 2016 by Dr. Hirschinger, has been proven to be successful in reducing and, in many cases, eliminating jaw and TMJ pain as well as headaches.

– Lynda M. Sherman Oaks, CA, 52 years old

“I had excruciating jaw pain on my left side. I have a habit of clenching my teeth when I get stressed. I was given the gentle jaw to do some stretching. As the pain started to subside, I realized I could use it every day to keep my muscles happy.”

– Grace W. Los Angeles, CA, 22 years old

“My jaw was locked for 5 days, and I couldn't open it. The pain was excruciating before I started using the gentle jaw, and now it’s better. I use it at least three of four times a day, and I’m amazed how much better I feel. In fact, the pain starts to return if I don’t use it, so I just make it part of my everyday routine.”

– Sharon L. Los Angeles, CA, 58 years old

“I have struggled with TMJ. If you clench or grind at night, it’s going to cause pain. The gentle jaw is very easy to use. Four times a day, for 30 seconds a day, is all it takes. It really has changed the pain that I would get around my jaw that would radiate up around my temples.”

– Brittany S. Las Vegas, NV, 29 years old

“I have seen a bunch of other dentists in my hometown and I couldn't find any solution other than spending lots of money. Everyone else was focused on my bite, and you were focused on my pain. I have a lot less pain since I am doing jaw stretches anywhere from four to six times a day for 30 seconds at a time.”