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If you are interested, you can learn more about Dr. Hirschinger at his private practice website at Thank you and please let us know how we can help you help your patients. 

Why we made the gentle jaw for patients to use at home

The gentle jaw® is a passive jaw stretching device used to treat acute and chronic TMJ and muscle pain. It is helpful for muscle pain related to the jaw, limited opening due to radiation treatment of the head and neck, trismus, recent dental treatment, recent oral or brain surgery, etc. In four words, the gentle jaw is "yoga for the jaw®." The gentle jaw was invented by Dr. Rich Hirschinger, a Board-certified orofacial pain specialist. He was aware of another passive jaw stretching device that costs close to $600, has moving parts and is not very portable so he invented a device with no moving parts, that fits in a pocket or purse, is manufactured from medical grade nylon in the USA in certified clean rooms, and it costs under $80 retail. There are many research articles to learn about the benefits of stretching, which you can learn about at, and many other questions are answered on the FAQ page at

Doctor testimonials

"I am a practicing dentist with a specialty in prosthodontics. For patients who suffer from clenching and grinding, I routinely prescribe manual stretching exercises. The gentle jaw is a safer and easier alternative than doing it manually because it is a device which makes the process simpler for my patients."
Dr. Christopher Marchack
Pasadena, CA

"I have a lot of patients that the gentle jaw took away all their pain and drastically improved their range of motion in one week! It works really well with patients doing clear aligner therapy. Some start having myofascial pain in the muscles of mastication after starting Invisalign, which is due to their increase in daytime clenching due to having flimsy plastic in their mouth. The gentle Jaw is a remedy and allows me to continue with the orthodontic treatment."
Dr. James Roblee
Board certified Orofacial Pain Specialist
Board certified Orthodontist
Fayetteville, AR

"This is an amazing product, I personally use it and recommend it to many of my patients. It works and it works well."
Dr.  Dan Benyamini
Los Angeles, CA

"As an orofacial pain specialist, the gentle jaw is an essential part of my treatment prescription for many patients with TMJ disorders. Unlike other devices on the market, it allows for controlled and objective range of motion progression that the patient can easily self-monitor. I am confident recommending this device to my patients because I know it is evidence-based. I use one myself!"
Dr. Kevin Huff
Board certified Orofacial Pain Specialist
Dover, Ohio